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CIO Plus specialises in setting up and optimising ‘client owned’ Off Shore Indian facilities that can deliver substantial cost and performance benefits for IT and Business Processes. 

If you are interested in seeing whether this is the right approach for you, we can guide you through the entire decision making process, based on hard data and real life examples extracted from over 40 successful Indian transitions. 

Should you chose to proceed, then we can programme manage the complete process, assuring operational stability and that the maximum benefits are delivered.

Typical Off Shore facilities are established in the following timescales with the benefits indicated:


  • Duration: 6 months to set up, plus 3 months to optimise performance

  • Run Costs: 1/3rd of those in the UK

  • Run Costs: 40-70% less then an existing outsourcer

  • SLA Improvements: up to 25%

  • Increased Flexibility: Substantial

  • Increased Scalability: Substantial

  • Total payback: Less than 12 months including all fees


Because we are the leading experts in this field, we can rapidly construct and validate the Business Case that you will need to justify your investment and convince your Board that this is the right direction for you. 

You can rely on our proven experience and detailed knowledge of how to operate in the Indian Market to ensure your success.

Our range of services would normally include:


  • Rapid Initial Analysis, Business Case and Board Presentation

  • Negotiation and agreement with your existing supplier(s), if applicable

  • Legal and Taxation Advice including TUPE, to the extent that it applies

  • Location, negotiation and acquisition of the requisite property in India

  • Setting up your Off Shore office and organisation structure

  • Assured transition from your current operations to the new Off Shore facility

  • Transformation to optimise Off Shore IT & BPO performance, if required


Our proven approach will significantly improve your bottom line, whatever your existing sourcing arrangements. We will deliver in any of the following scenarios:


  • First time Off Shore set up

  • Insourcing existing Off Shore arrangements from a third party

  • Consolidating disparate sourcing arrangements

  • Delivering a Build Operate Transfer model

  • Optimising your existing sourcing blend

In addition to this, our specialised knowledge of Indian taxation regulations, within Special Economic Zones, will ensure that maximum tax benefits are also obtained.

Why dilute your profitability by outsourcing (or continuing to outsource) to one of the major players resulting in a loss of control, higher costs and reduced flexibility and scalability.

Our highly experienced team is currently working on their 41st Indian Off Shore project. When this is completed we will continue to lead the World in this field with 41 successful deliveries under our belt.

What our clients have said:
"CIO Plus's help in making this project a success was invaluable."
"We never thought that this would have been achievable in the timescales set out by CIO Plus. Now, after a very painless experience, we have a great IT & BPO facility in India and we know that it would not have been possible without them."

Chris Day, VP IT Strategy & Performance AstraZeneca, talking about their global transformation programme which included insourcing IT services and setting up two Global In-House Centres in India; a project that has already saved $350m pa and stoped IT being the company's whipping boy!

Sam Halford, Managing Director Equiniti India

Case Study - Equiniti
Leading UK Share Registrar
Learn how profits were increased by 15% and SLA performance improved through the use of a GIC coupled with Backsourcing.


View the full case study here.

Everest Research
Everest research predicts Indian GICs to remain competitive for the forseeable future and that "Financial Service majors will increase leverage." 
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AstraZeneca to set up IT captive unit in Chennai
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McKinsey believes that "GICs set to drive $50bn worth of benefits over the next 5 years.
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The Times of India
The Times of India reports a developing trend towards companies setting up their own in-house captives.
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AT Kearney
AT Kearney declares the GIC as "The Business Model of Choice."
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Dailmer sets up GIC in Bangalore to save costs
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Case Study - Major European Shared Service Provider
Learn how we managed to transition a major part of this client's onshore capability to Bangalore saving significant costs and improving quality.
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Case Study - Major European Construction Company
Understand the role played by CIO Plus in offshoring the IT Infrastructure delivery to India achieving substantial cost savings.
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