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Leading UK Share Registrar
  • Equiniti is a pivotal player in FS Sector in London

  • Backsourced a major IT contract and established a GIC in Chennai

  • Learn how CIO Plus re-engineered the provision of IT and increased profits by 15%

View the full case study here.

World Experts in Security and Defence


  • QinetiQ is a leading defence contractor in the UK and US

  • Learn how significant savings generated by a change in sourcing strategy led to QinetiQ being nominated for The Times 'Turnaround of the Year' in 2012 and the role that CIO Plus played

View the full case study here.

UK Construction Conglomerate


  • Wates is one of the leading construction companies in the UK.

  • Learn how CIO Plus re-engineered the entire IT department of Wates significantly improving service levels and increasing profits by 50%.

View the full case study here

SSE (formerly Scottish & Southern Energy)
One of the UK’s Leading Energy Companies


  • SSE has long been regarded as one of the most efficiently run companies in the UK

  • Understand the role played by CIO Plus in improving the IT service performance within SSE which led to a substantial rise in profitability and a 140% rise in the share price


View the full case study here.

De La Rue
World Experts in Cash Management


  • It is the world's largest commercial security printer and papermaker, involved in the production of over 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents such as passports, authentication labels and fiscal stamps. 

  • It required someone who had the requisite IT expertise, the Change Management skills and the personality to pull together both existing De La Rue and the ‘to be’ Talaris IT staff and get them working together on the splitting of IT services and assets


View the full Change Management case study for De La Rue here


Hungary’s Second Largest Fixed Line Telco


  • Invitel was formed by the merger of 6 companies operating within Eastern Europe.

  • Learn how CIO Plus exceeded planned synergy benefits by 25% when integrating the acquisitions of Invitel to form the undisputed No.2 Fixed Line Telco in Hungary by utilising Best Practice for IT in M&A.

View the full case study here.

Domestic and General
UK Leading Insurance Company
  • D&G is one of the UK’s leading Retail Product insurance companies
  • Learn how CIO Plus helped recover substantial funds from the Implementation Partner following an unsuccessful attempt to implement a well known ERP system
View the full case study here.
One of the UK’s Largest Online Banks
  • Learn how CIO Plus significantly reduced the IT spend of this online bank using its standard approach to benchmarking
View the full case study here
Leading Recruitment Specialist
  • Assessed current IT landscape and developed high level strategy
  • Recruited new CIO and provided mentoring services
One of the Largest Not for Profit Organisations in the UK
  • Turned around delinquent 3 year old SAP programme
  • Project Management and Change Management Consulting services provided. Initial focus to re-establish (assess, fix and bed in) SAP solution within the organisation
  • Successfully extended the SAP footprint within the Group
Major European Shared Service Provider
  • Learn how CIO Plus helped this client improve delivery quality and substantially reduce costs through the establishment of a GIC
View the full case study here.
World Leading Logistics Company
  • Provided Interim Head of IT Infrastructure for EMEA
Largest Security Printer in the World
  • Introduced the concept of an ERP solution designed specifically for the CIO. Specific focus on Vendor Relationship Management and Project Portfolio Management
  • Provide Mobile, Fixed and WAN telecoms strategy and implemented it
  • Improved Project and Portfolio Management and introduced framework to ensure benefits were delivered
Specialist UK Telephony Provider
  • Developed and delivered of a sales force workshop to assess and improve capabilities and approaches to selling services to the CIO community
Not for Profit Consultancy Specialising in Green Advice
  • Developed and Delivered IS Strategy and IS Sourcing Strategy
  • Reviewed the provision of IT within this not for profit, government funded organisation presenting integrated plan and gaining Board approval
  • Increased the effectiveness of IT while reducing costs by 20%
  • Acted as part-time CIO
  • Implemented CRM solution
One of the Main Regulatory Bodies in the UK
  • Developed and Delivered IS Strategy and IS Sourcing Strategy
  • Developed and negotiated contracts with Capgemini for £30m IT Services and £15m SAP and Siebel business change programmes; conducted commercial negotiations with Siebel and SAP
  • Led OJEU procurement competition for new Systems Integration (SI) partner
  • Executed transition from incumbent SI partner to new
  • Provided Change Management, Audit & QA function on Siebel/SAP change programme
  • Established Project Management Office (PMO) for major business change programme
  • Insourced Maritime and Amateur Radio Licensing function from Royal Mail Group and established web-based self-service capability for general public
  • Via specialist associates, provided support for HR, PMO, DR, Customer Relations, Server Management and Infrastructure Management
The UK’s Leading Logistics and Food Supply Company
  • Undertook role as Interim CIO to define IT strategy, improve the general level of performance and recruit successor post major failure of SAP programme and sudden departure of incumbent CIO
  • Delivered IT strategy and 7 year integrated operational plan and budget identifying how to significantly improve service levels and improve profits by 25%
  • Realigned outsourced contract taking a substantial part back in-house delivering costs savings of 25% and obtaining rebate of £500k
  • Identified successor and handed over to ensure seamless transition
One of the Largest World Leading IT Companies
  • Assessment and recommendations regarding sales approach required to grow outsourcing market
World Leading International Conference Organiser
  • Jointly organised the premier UK IT cost reduction conference for FTSE Finance and IT Directors
  • Ran multiple workshops for FTSE Finance Directors, explaining the correct approach required to maximise the probability of success when undertaking Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Advised on due diligence and post acquisition integration
  • Ran workshops explaining finance to technologists
  • Provided individual advice to various companies
Global Industrial Automation, Transportation and Controls Group
  • Advised client on the most appropriate post acquisition integration strategy in respect of IT, setting out approach to an integrated operational plan and budget designed to significantly increase profits.
  • Developed Global Telecommunication procurement strategy post de-centralisation
  • Personal coaching to senior IT Manager
One of the UK’s Leading Online Retailers
  • Design and implementation of Group IT KPIs - capture, reporting and benchmarking vs market
Case Study - Major European Construction Company
Understand the role played by CIO Plus in offshoring the IT Infrastructure delivery to India achieving substantial cost savings.
Click here for details.
Case Study - Multi Sourcing in Financial Services
Understand how a FTSE 50 company achieved a material increase to their profitability by adopting a Multi Sourcing strategy and the role that CIO Plus played.
Click here for details.
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