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Optimising Global In House Centres (GICs)


There Indian based GICs offer companies substantial cost and performance benefits for IT and Business Processes. Current Everest Research shows significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings over equivalent UK, European and US based operations:


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Moreover, in some territories, these savings are likely to remain substantial for the foreseeable future:

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However, in order to obtain these benefits and to maximise their quanta and lifetime, the GIC must be run properly in an efficient and effective manner. Several companies have discovered to their cost, that these benefits will be eroded if:
  • The GIC was not set up properly in the first place
  • The GIC was run sub-optimally
  • Staff churn was not managed properly
  • Local cultural differences were not taken into account
  • Etc…
CIO Plus has significant experience of running over 40 Indian transitions and knows how to ensure that maximum benefits are delivered and sustained when operating Global In House Centres. Most companies that own GICs will have set up one or possibly two at the most and will not be aware of all the factors that must be taken into account when running their offshore capability.
It is for this reason that we developed our GIC Optimisation Programme to enable companies that have already established their GICs to take advantage of our substantial knowledge and experience and maximise the returns that they are getting from their investment.
Please contact or or ring +44(0)1926 857601 for a no obligations initial discussion and free outline assessment.
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