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Relationship Review


The aspirations of both Client and Provider in an outsource relationship may not always continue to be met after a period of time. Given that the parties continue to bring expertise and commitment to the table, it is not always apparent why this is so.


An independent Relationship Review is a well established, rapid & effective method of identifying areas not working well in an outsource relationship and making necessary changes. Whatever the prime objectives - efficiency, flexibility, cost-savings, innovation & change, risk management - the CIO Plus Relationship Review taps into Client IT, Provider and wider business stakeholder perception across the entire outsource relationship. Joint Client / Provider funding is an option as in most cases there is agreement between the parties by the end as to the major issues to be addressed and a recognition that both parties will benefit from the outcomes.


CIO Plus now offers the Nexthink Baseline Service as a key element of Relationship Review and the 3rd party service provider sees the introduction of Nexthink as a way to deliver on their Innovation promises.

We offer a customisable 3-stage process from initial discussion to final sign-off. Each stage will provide discrete benefit and provides for next stage planning and decision making.CIO Plus offers a flexible commercial approach including shared risk/reward options at Stage 3 to minimise potential financial downside.


In addition CIO Plus offers options which allow the Client to select part of the process or commit in stages where this is advantageous although this may increase the overall timescale and cost if several stages are subsequently agreed.

What Our Clients Have Said:
"I'm delighted with the outcome that CIO Plus has helped us achieve - there's been a step change improvement in IS performance and a step change reduction in costs and the business perception of IS has improved beyond recognition."

Jon Ozanne, IT Director QinetiQ plc

World Experts in Security and Defence


  • QinetiQ is a leading defence contractor in the UK and US

  • Learn how significant savings generated by a change in sourcing strategy led to QinetiQ being nominated for The Times 'Turnaround of the Year' in 2012 and the role that CIO Plus played


View the full case study here.

Relevant Collateral


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Download our presentation on Relationship Review setting out an overview of the process and benefits.

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