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CIO Plus is an association of highly experienced successful CIOs who have a wealth of knowledge in delivering IT Strategy that can be applied in a practical and efficient manner. We are not just theorists, fresh out of university, who are blindly following a methodology. We firmly believe that the most effective way of setting IT Strategy is to use common sense based on experience, and this has been borne out on numerous occasions.


We also provide our experienced staff to act as Interim CIOs where the occasion demands it. We are not just an ‘agency’ in this respect as each of our associates has the full backing of CIO Plus’s weight, experience and proven ability to deliver.

What our clients have said:
QinetiQ revenues reduced from £1,703m in 2011 to £1,470m in 2012 but profitability rose by £90m to £145m in the same period. The reduction in the cost of IT made a significant contribution to this performance and QinetiQ was nominated for The Times Large Company Turnaround of the Year Award.
"If IT were an operating division, it would have been the most profitable one"

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive of QinetiQ commenting on IT’s performance

Case Study - Wates
UK Construction Conglomerate


Learn how CIO Plus re-engineered the entire IT department of Wates. Our work here significantly improved service levels and increased profits by 50%.


View the full case study here

Case Study - SSE (formerly Scottish & Southern Energy)
One of the UK’s Leading Energy Companies

Understand the role played by CIO Plus in improving the IT service performance within SSE which led to a substantial rise in profitability and a 140% rise in the share price.


View the full case study here

Relevant Collateral


Please register to access our latest White Paper on Integrated Operational Planning & Budegeting.


Download our presentation The Six Pillars of IT Value showing how CIOs can ensure that IT delivers the right value.

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