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Benchmarking is a very powerful tool when it is combined with experience and used to improve the performance of an organisation rather than, as all too frequently happens, preserve the Status Quo in a ‘defensive’ manner.

The standard CIO Plus approach to benchmarking is to rapidly calculate a small set of ‘top down’ complimentary metrics based on our experience and a blended range of the commonly available statistics. We then support this calculation with a ‘bottom up’ assessment of the available savings and any required investment to achieve the desired level of performance. 

This is the only approach that will provide you with a comparable cost of 'doing it for yourself' utilising Best Practice. It will also give you a true 'baseline cost' to compare against the price from an outsource provider to identify exactly what 'value' they are bringing to the deal.

This method establishes ‘where you are’ and also ‘where you need to be’ together with the actions that have to be taken to get there. This information is fed into our Integrated Operational Plan and Budgeting (IOPB) methodology, which results in a plan that sets out the ‘step by step’ process that needs to be taken in order to deliver the transition to the desired state.

This unique approach to benchmarking has resulted in some of the most dramatic and rapid improvements in IT performance seen in the UK.

What our clients have said:
"We had no idea that there was so much margin in their price."

Financial Services plc. CIO, referring to a large outsource contract that had been in place for several years

Case Study - Financial Services
Learn how CIO Plus significantly reduced the IT spend of this online bank using its standard approach to benchmarking.
Click here for details.

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