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Nexthink Training


To complement the CIO Plus Nexthink Services, we offer a range of bespoke training modules in the configuration and use of Nexthink. As with any technical product, the better it is configured, the more value is derived from the investment.
The following training modules are currently offered:
Nexthink User Training
  • Nexthink V5 Finder Training
  • Nexthink V5 Portal Training
Nexthink Customisation Training
  • Nexthink V5 Portal Customisation
  • Nexthink V5 Widget Customisation
  • Nexthink V5 Reporting
  • Nexthink V5 Web APIs
Nexthink Administration Training:
  • Nexthink V5 System Administration
  • Nexthink V5 Portal Administration
  • Nexthink V5 Finder Administration
  • Nexthink V5 User Administration
  • Nexthink V5 ServiceNow Integration
Please contact for further details or ring +44(0)1926 857601 for a no obligations initial discussion and free outline assessment.
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