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Nexthink Consulting Services


To complement the CIO Plus Nexthink Services, we offer a range of consulting options. As with any technical product, the better it is configured, the more value is derived from the investment.
The following consulting modules are currently offered:
Nexthink Baseline Services
  • Nexthink NBS Lite Programme
  • Nexthink NBS Programme
Nexthink Implementation Services
  • Nexthink SCCM Integration
  • Nexthink ServiceNow Integration
Nexthink Support Services
  • Nexthink System Support
  • Nexthink Software Support
  • Nexthink Application
  • Support
  • Nexthink User Support
Nexthink Analytical Services:
  • SAP Performance Monitoring - click here for details
  • Exchange Performance Monitoring
  • SharePoint Performance Monitoring
  • Oracle Performance Monitoring
Please contact for further details or ring +44(0)1926 857601 for a no obligations initial discussion and free outline assessment.
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