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Cloud Readiness Review

Cloud Models Stimulate New Ambitions


Cloud Computing transforms the economics of IT and sets new levels of ambition. The mind-set must now be “make my IT costs 30% of what they are now”. This requires a vision and acceptance of a new model, which delivers this ambition and improves business responsiveness.


The current model of year on year cost savings and squeezing the IT operation for extra efficiency will just not be good enough in the future. Rather than making continuous cost saving annually or outsourcing to realise an immediate 25% benefit, businesses will have to transform to a position where their IT costs are 30% of what they are today, a major step change.


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Cloud Readiness Review


Over the last 1 – 2 years it has become clear that the cloud model is not a passing fad but is here to stay and will become much more prevalent in corporate IT.


Building and running private clouds will reduce the cost of IT, whilst using public cloud to handle burst, project work or test and development will further reduce cost and improve agility to respond to business demand. But many organisations are procuring IT services through an outsourcing arrangement and in many cases adding to frustration about supplier responsiveness is the realisation that the adoption of cloud is being restricted by the current contract or the supplier’s capability of providing cloud services.


What seemed like reasonable savings when the contract was first signed may now seem to be lagging behind organisations embracing cloud and there is a real danger of a lost opportunity.


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