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Major European Construction Company

Build Your Own Captive - Case Study

The Situation


We assisted a major European construction company to offshore their IT Application Management and Development and their Infrastructure Management to Bangalore improving SLAs and achieving significant cost savings.



Scope of the project:


  • Net & Java Application Development and Management

  • Wintel (2nd & 3 rd line support), including Citrix, Exchange, VMware and AD

  • 24x7 monitoring, Storage & Backup (2nd & 3rd line support) & DBA 3rd line

  • First line support, User admin & Blackberry support


Total scope was in excess of 600 servers, 150 SQL databases and 40 FTEs

The Approach
Our standard and proven approach to offshore transition was used:
  • Definition of the business case and identification of suitable services
  • Due diligence including project initiation document
  • 6 transition streams were defined. In each stream Knowledge Transfer (KT) was undertaken followed by a shadow run of the service, to secure that the KT was at the right level and India was able to deliver the service efficiently
  • All necessary tools where implemented on the systems to make remote management possible
  • The streams where executed in parallel using a phased approach e.g. Wintel transition finished first, last was DBA
  • Total transition time varied per stream between 4 and 6 months
  • The total duration of the project was less than 12 months because a staggered approach was used to spread the workload on the existing organisation

The benefits of the project for the client were:



  • Controlled offshore programme, with no detrimental impact on the service

  • Quality of service delivered from India exceeded onshore quality of service

  • Reduction of the operational costs of circa 50%

  • ROI of less than 1 year










"We were impressed by the quality and speed of transition. They were able to offshore in a very short timescale without any noticeable deterioration in service quality."

Chief Information Officer, Major European Construction Company, referring to a new established GIC

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