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Backsourcing is the common phrase that applies where companies take outsourced contracts back in-house. CIO Plus specialises in helping companies take under-performing contracts seamlessly back in-house and can provide the necessary skills to supplement, rebuild and run your IT team effectively during the transition.

We are highly skilled at all aspects of this process:
  • Initial Strategy
  • Organisational Design
  • Early Contract Negotiation, Exit & Termination
  • On/Off Shore Mobilisation
  • Recruitment & TUPE
  • Training
  • Stabilisation & Optimisation
Our impartial review and advice has resulted in significant improvements for our clients typically delivering savings in excess of 50% and SLA improvements; and up to 70% where we have coupled Backsourcing with Global In House Centres (GICs).

If you want to see some of the companies that have backsourced
click here to see the list and read the reasons why.
What Our Clients Have Said:
QinetiQ revenues reduced from £1,703m in 2011 to £1,470m in 2012 but profitability rose by £90m to £145m in the same period. The reduction in the cost of IT made a significant contribution to this performance and QinetiQ was nominated for the PLC Turnaround of the Year Award.
"If IT were an operating division, it would have been the most profitable one"

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive of QinetiQ commenting on IT’s performance

"We never thought that this would have been achievable in the timescales set out by CIO Plus. Now, after a very painless experience, we have a great IT & BPO facility in India and we know that it would not have been possible without them."

Sam Halford, Managing Director Equiniti India

"I'm delighted with the outcome that CIO Plus has helped us achieve - there's been a step change improvement in IS performance and a step change reduction in costs and the business perception of IS has improved beyond recognition."

Jon Ozanne, IT Director QinetiQ plc

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